A Taste of Albion…


12191413_705782622889879_7625631908276011344_nWhile most people spent Halloween up to their elbows in pumpkin guts (if you were lucky  enough to get one due to the apparent ‘shortage’*) I decided to support my fellow local baker in Prescot; the excellent and amazing Nina Halliwell, who has continued to grow from strength to strength and is now the proud owner of The Albion Bakehouse cafe and tea rooms.

I had been eagerly awaiting the opening as the Albion’s Instagram account has been drip-feeding me with hints towards their decor for weeks before hand. Not only that, #tbt a bit, and you’ll find that Nina’s culinary creations are mouth-wateringly beautiful (even if you’ve never tasted them before). I am more than happy to say that Nina and her team did not disappoint, and The Albion Bakehouse is a bijou and homely environment with little nooks and crannies, retro tables, and a vintage, glass-fronted display case filled with baked doughnuts, a tower-tilting rainbow layer cake, Nutella and Ferrero Rocher bars (one of her best sellers) and Bakewell tarts. In fact, everything to tingle your tastebuds and dietary needs (yep, the woman thinks of everything!).

Although the first time the front door had been flung open to the world, the Albion was constantly busy for the two hours my friend and I nestled ourselves in there. Every queue member eagerly pointing at baked goods and practically skipping out of the door with glee, clutching their box of goodies close to their chest.

Nina is incredibly welcoming, and her team of staff equally so – creating conversation, waiting tables and fighting with a new till that I’m sure contained the spirit of Open All Hours’ Arkwright (many a close call with notes and fingers). Her cakes (in particular the Chocolate Orange slice and Lotus biscuit slice) are desirably delicious and the coffee was excellent. Nina is also supporting other independent businesses in the region – her coffee is provided by Joe Black Coffee and her tea by Brew Tea Co.

The bakehouse will have full opening soon, when Nina and her team will continue supporting indie businesses by serving locally produced food for lunch and breakfast (and don’t forget about the opening of the secret tea room – shush!).

If you’re in and around Prescot, please remember to support our local indie retailers; and the Albion Bakehouse is one of the best!12187745_705337529601055_3255152578774273089_n

The Albion Bakehouse, 10 Leyland Street, Prescot, L34 5QP

*Whilst walking through Prescot, a local ‘remaining nameless’ grocer used the pumpkin shortage to their advantage, charging £4 per bulbous gourd!


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