Kitchen Intimations

Listen up, cake consumers, brownie biters and muffin munchers of the web (now, I know how that sounds – but, please, a little bit of decorum – we’re all adults!). THE CAKE BOY NEEDS YOU *that would be me giving you the finger*! (Hang on a minute; I meant pointing at you to indicate that I need you – *rolls eyes* you people… tsk)

As a kitchen experimenter, I would like your suggestions for future flavours of cakes and bakes that you would like to see. Every month, I take a pin and stab it into the list, picking one at random and testing it out. The resulting concoction and obligatory image will then be added to the gallery, and the stress and turmoil involved in creating such flavoursome fancies will be posted on my blog – I may even share the joy by giving you the recipe (or map of baking delight as I feel it should be called). The successful idea-smith will also get a very special acknowledgement… but that is all I will say on the matter; no point spoiling the surprise!

Type your ideas in the ‘Leave a Reply‘ box below and I’ll start picking suggestions on the first of every month. Remember, too, the weather, what is in season and any special holidays that may conjure up an idea.

Keep checking back to see how the list progresses!


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